Features As lightweight and comfortable to use as a traditional pen, converts your writings into editable digital text. It recognises any writing (isolated characters and cursive handwritten text) and digitises it very reliably. IRISNotes™ 3 transcribes your notes for you in any format you wish. The notes are stored in the memory of the receiver (in .ink or .note format), ready to be edited, shared, and archived. Can recognise handwritten notes in 30 different languages (including Arabic), making it a favourite multilingual work tool. That is why this digital tool integrates perfectly into any international work environment. It will boost the productivity of students and anyone who makes frequent business trips abroad. IRISNotes™ 3 is a smart pen that digitises your notes whilst maintaining the simplicity and ergonomics of a classic pen. It can be used with standard ink and is compatible with any paper. It does not require expensive refills of a specific brand. IRISNotes™ 3 adapts to any type of medium and is designed, above all, to make your life easier! A pen at the cutting edge of technology Bluetooth connectivity to transfer your notes to any mobile device (iOS/Android) Built-in lithium battery (chargeable via USB): up to 10 hours of continuous writing and Storage capacity up to 100 A4 pages of notes in the memory

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