• Pegasus T6 is Highly Accurate Fingerprint Recognition
  • Lightning Fast Fingerprint Recognition.
  • Smart Fingerprint Update
  • Ultra Low False Acceptance Rate.
  • SD card for Data Upload/Download.
  • Data Communication Channel

    Features :

    • Highly Accurate Fingerprint Recognition :- Optical Fingerprint Sensor with scratch resistant Surface.
    • Lightning Fast Fingerprint Recognition :- “Tick Tock”, a second, you are either rejected or accepted by our T-6
    • Smart Fingerprint Update :- Automatically analyze the tiny difference of the latest fingerprints vs. the previous fingerprints and update accordingly to ensure the high accuracy and the optimum speed of fingerprint recognition
    • Ultra low false acceptance rate :- FAR < 0.0001%
    • USB Pen drive / Memory Stick for data upload / download :- The most commonly used data storage device, USB Pen Drive / Memory Stick Option is incorporated in our T-6 for easy data transfer
    • Data communication channel :- Data transfer via USB Link, USB Pen drive / Memory Stick & TCP/IP.

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