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Benefits Of Using Online Billing Solution: POS System

Posted by Neeraj Purbia April 25, 2018, 6:24 am

POS online billing Solution is the greatest revolution which billing software had seen till know and it made the billing as easy as eating a pie. POS online billing software improves clarity in your accounting transaction in your business industries. This increases productivity of industries and also make most of your accounting task easy. It brings your business at better place and give you time to make strategies for betterment of your business. Pegasus provide you POS software which can be managed with ease and easily keep double entry book through online process. These systems are applicable for all small , medium to large level business, entrepreneurs , contractors and consultants. This software will help you to minimize your manly labor and generate timely reports which will save your time and money.

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What are Barcode Scanner

Posted by Neeraj Purbia April 23, 2018, 3:38 am

Barcode Scanner also known as Barcode Reader are Retailers pack information. These are electronic device used to read and to provide printed barcodes to a computer. Barcode scanners consist of a light source , a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. It also consist of a decoder circuit analyzing the barcode’s image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode’s content to the scanner’s output port.

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What is POS System?

Posted by Neeraj Purbia April 23, 2018, 2:57 am

The general definition for Point of sale is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. To understand it’s prolonged process let us understand it with an example: 

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Posted by Neeraj Purbia March 24, 2018, 12:38 am

Supply chain and warehouse inventory management is responsible to provide accurate Inventory base which lead to sales and purchase. Inventory management is expensive and full of risk to your business.Inefficiencies in your warehouse lead to added costs and fulfillment problems. Today AutoID or barcode technology state-of-the-art equipment like a portable barcode scanner can increase inventory visibility and provide fast return on your investment.The digital supply chain management is already revolutionizing retail and logistics. Cloud, web and mobile technologies have become realities for enterprise and globe businesses. But not all technological advantages are a part of IT infrastructure.Automated data collection (ADC) is more than an emerging technology. Let’s review how a portable scanning system can help deliver business growth for you.It’s part of a growing innovation and revolution.

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RFID- Its Importance & Benefits in supply chain management

Posted by Neeraj Purbia January 14, 2018, 11:18 pm

In today’s era, Supply Chain Management has become a logistic nightmare for companies. However, the use of RFID can reduce the problem to a great extent.

RFID technology has risen to become a revolutionary element in supply chain management. It is not just a replacement for barcodes but RFID ensures that the right goods are available in the right place with no discrepancies and zero errors. This makes Supply management more precise and improves the efficiency and reliability of the entire chain.

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2D Barcode Scanners Take Smart Move To Handle Challenging Codes

Posted by Neeraj Purbia January 6, 2018, 1:02 am

2D Barcode Scanner 
helps in interpreting two-dimensional barcodes and store data in two dimensions not in just a series of black and white bars.
2D barcodes can include more information in the code than their 1D counterparts, like price, quantity, web address or even an image.
2D Barcode Scanner looks like checkerboards or a series of traditional barcodes stacked atop one another. 2D barcode scanner uses both CCD and Imaging technology to read barcodes. 

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Choose best color label printer from Epson

Posted by November 17, 2017, 12:07 am

With Epsons ColorWorks C3500 inkjet label printer, you can dramatically reduce label costs, increase operational efficiencies and print high-quality, durable labels on demand in four colors (CMYK) at speeds of up to 4 inches/second.

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