The SpeedFace-V5L Series employs intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and cutting-edge computer vision technology. It offers support for fingerprint, facial, and palm verification with large capacity and speedy recognition. Moreover, the SpeedFace-V5L is equipped with QR code support via Mobile APP, further enhancing the device's security performance in all aspects.

SpeedFace-V5L Series uses touchless recognition technology and can identify individuals even when wearing masks, making it a hygienic option. Additionally, it has an advanced anti-spoofing algorithm that can detect fake photos and videos. It also features 3-in- 1 palm recognition, which can identify Palm Shape, Palm Print, and Palm Vein in just 0.35 seconds per hand. The palm data is then compared to a maximum of 3,000 palm templates. The facial camera also supports QR codes, Data Matrix, MicroAztec, and other formats, and the ZKBioAccess Mobile Page supports Dynamic QR codes for T&A/A&C.

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