CAS CL 3000 Label Weighing Scale 30 kgs


Keyboard : 72 PLU keys : 36 function keys for CL3000-P

72 PLU Keys For convenience, the CL3000 Label Printing Scale can store up to 10,000 PLUs and 1,000 Ingredients (512byte) Quickly transfer PLU data via Wi-Fi or RS-232C for scale to computer or computer to scale

Interface :

1) USB Port for barcode scanner, keyboard, PC

2) LAN for weighing network system

3) RJ11 for cash drawer

4) RS-232C for external printer, PC

Pole Diplay

Label Printer 

Max weighing capacity : 30 Kgs

File Name Link
Datasheet CAS CL 3000 Label Weighing Scale Pegasus V1.0(EN) Download

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