This is a multifunctional infrared thermometer which could be used to measure the temperature of human, surface and animal. It can quickly measure the target temperature and display the accurate measurement results in 1 seconds.

Main Features:
● Multi-purpose: can measure human body temperature, skin temperature, surface temperature, liquid temperature, bath water temperature, rice cereal etc
● Fast and accurate: 1 seconds accurate temperature measurement, measurement deviation up to + / - 0.2 Deg.C
● Non-contact: 3 - 5cm measurement distance, without contacting with human skin, healthy and safe, to prevent cross-infection
● 3 Colors backlight to warn high temperature
● 0 - 100 Deg.C temperature range for measuring surface, 32.0 - 42.9 Deg.C temperature range for measuring human body, 32.0- 45.0 Deg.C temperature range for measuring animal
● Using temperature ranges from 10 - 40 Deg.C, storage temperature ranges from 0 - 50 Deg.C
● Power supply: 2 x AAA battery ( not included )

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