Zebra TC26-HC Mobile Computer is the ultimate cost-effective mobile computer built for healthcare. Introducing the Wi-Fi TC21-HC and the Wi-Fi/cellular TC26-HC mobile computers designed to connect your ancillary workers, from environmental services to facilities and materials management, patient transport, hospital food service and more. The small easy-to-carry TC26-HC are big on features. The devices include a best-in-class disinfectant-ready design that is made from chemical resistant plastics that can withstand regular cleaning with over 30 disinfectants. The TC26-HC has a large 5 inch advanced HD touchscreen that is easy to see both indoors and in bright sunlight. The device's feature around-the-clock durability and are virtually waterproof, dustproof and can withstand drops, snow, rain, heat and freezing cold.

Flexible options for flawless barcode capture

The optional SE4100 scan engine captures virtually any barcode in any condition — ideal for staff who routinely capture barcodes for medication administration, specimen management and more. The LED aimer is safe, even in the NICU, labor and delivery rooms. And white illumination easily reads barcodes on color-coded specimen trays and biopsy cassettes. Alternatively, the high-resolution camera is perfect for occasional barcode capture.

Maximize device functionality, staff productivity and the user experience with the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license

Simultaneously capture up to 100 barcodes, even on multiple labels, with a single scan. In one button press, capture and crop a document image, optionally capture a barcode and detect signature presence. Enable faster data entry with a customized soft keyboard. Enable workers to easily manage their Bluetooth accessories. Give healthcare staff unsurpassed ‘won’t drop’ wired style Wi-Fi connections every minute of every shift. Additional tools available for purchase include Device Tracker to track and locate missing devices. And Zebra DNA Cloud makes it easy to deploy, configure and manage the tools you need.4

Effortlessly and accurately capture identification information

Zebra’s optional OCR Wedge effortlessly captures standardized data, such as information on driver’s licenses and identification cards to streamline patient intake processes.

Get a built-in advantage with no-cost Mobility DNA Professional

Add powerful enterprise features to standard Android with Mobility Extensions (Mx) — choose from over a hundred features to increase security, improve device manageability and more. Stage a handful or thousands of devices in seconds with StageNow. Control the applications and features that your staff can access with Enterprise Home Screen. Enter barcodes into your apps right out of the box with DataWedge. Integrate TC26-HC features into your apps with Zebra’s Enterprise Mobility Development ToolKit (EMDK). Control the GMS apps and services that are available on your devices with GMS Restricted Mode. Automatically enable EMM support for every TC26-HC feature with OEM Config. Collect targeted diagnostics for easier troubleshooting with RxLogger. And test all main device systems with the press of a button with Device Diagnostics.

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