RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

PosGulfs RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain.

With real-time tracking information, youll always know where your critical business assets are. 

Our RFID solutions have several features that can help you make your organization more efficient. We can let your customers do their own check-out and check-in, so they borrow books whilst maintain their privacy. In the meantime, you have more time available to help, inform and teach.


RFID Asset Tracking

Companies across a broad spectrum of industries rely on critical assets to drive their business. While these asset types across industries may be varied, there is still a common need for effective management.

RFID can help enterprise companies automatically track and secure critical assets — with very little human intervention. This real-time technology takes asset management to the next level, providing unprecedented visibility, accuracy and security. With RFID, companies can automatically keep track of key assets as they move in and out of an area — whether it’s a stock room, airport hangar, data center, and enterprise workplace or transport terminal. 

Benefits :

• Increased productivity 

• Improved asset maintenance

• Improved efficiency

• Increased utilization

• Increased utilization

• Reduced capital and operational costs


RFID Student Tracking System


The ability to locate and track children is a vital issue to both parents and school staff. Identification and tracking can be achieved, with today technologies in different ways.

PosGulf offers the following solutions for child safety: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - based tracking for locating children in predefined areas such as: Schools. GSM/GPRS based tracking for locating children anywhere. Radio Frequency (RF) - based tracking is for helping parents to keep an eye on their children wherever they are. 

Benefits :

• Secure Premises

• Automatic Attendance

• Know where your child is in real time

• Alert & Monitoring 

• Reporting

• Time saving due to automated system

• No manual maintenance of attendance registers

RFID Solution for Library

Library Self Service

The Library self-service consists of a barcode or RFID-card reader to identify the borrower, a reader (with RFID) which recognizes the articles, a touchscreen for interaction with the user during the library self-service borrowing procedure, and a printer to print the borrowing receipt.

Benefits :

• Ease of use for user

• No moving parts / Care-free

• Robustness through the use of industrial electronics

• Centrally configurable

• Fully compatible with Pegasus Online


Library Bookcase


This Library Bookcase has four intelligent RFID shelves which are about 1 meter wide. The software installed in the bookcase automatically and continuously scans all shelves for the insertion of books. When it finds a book that has just been returned by the lender it automatically checks-in the book in your Library Management System.

Benefits :

• Fast check-in

• EAS-activation

• Multi-label ID

• Books immediately available for check-out

Smallest Branch

Because of its ease-of-use the Smallest Branch is the ideal solution for making books available in small schools, elderly homes, hospitals and shopping centers. And we’re quite sure you can come up with another couple of good locations.

Benefits :

• Can be placed in any location

• No staff needed

• Very easy to use

• Low maintenance

• Extends a library’s reach significantly


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