2D Barcode Scanners Take Smart Move To Handle Challenging Codes

Posted by Neeraj Purbia January 6, 2018, 1:02 am

2D Barcode Scanners  Take Smart Move To Handle Challenging Codes

In today’s business world the only demand is to stay on the top for both small or large business.Each business wants to make a big impact on customers and to boost your impact 2D Barcode Scanners are invented. The fight to stay ahead of the competition and to keep up with the marketplace has been sorted by 
2D Barcode Scanners. There are many types of barcode scanner available in the market like Datalogic Gryphon GBT4430 2D Cordless Barcode Scanner, Datalogic Heron HD3430, Datalogic Magellan 800i USB Kit, Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500-HP etc.

Before going further let’s understand meaning of 2D Barcode Scanner

What is 2D Barcode Scanner?

2D Barcode Scanner helps in interpreting two-dimensional barcodes and store data in two dimensions not in just a series of black and white bars. 2D barcodes can include more information in the code than their 1D counterparts, like price, quantity, web address or even an image.2D Barcode Scanner looks like checkerboards or a series of traditional barcodes stacked atop one another. 2D barcode scanner uses both CCD and Imaging technology to read barcodes. 


  1. ·  2D barcodes Scanner can scan the barcode from any direction
  2. ·  2D barcodes Scanner can contain 2000 characters or more.
  3. ·  2D barcodes Scanner can be linked to websites, can be used for product tracking, product identification, and more.
  4. ·  Multiple fields in your inventory system can be populated at once this feature is especially beneficial for people working in a warehouse, .
  5. ·  2D barcode scanners have the ability to reduce the use of counterfeit items, by improving tracking of items through the supply chain.

Advantages of using 2D Barcode Scanner

1.For Identification

2D Barcode scanner helps to identify customers and patients in medical services.  2D Barcode Scanner helps in protecting patient’s right and ensures quality care is provided to them.

2.  In  warehouse for locating inventory

As we know traditionally one directional barcode scanner were used but know for ease
2D Barcode Scanner are here which allows you to scan from any angle, employees can read up to four barcodes and know the serial number, part number, lot and date among other things.

In warehouse and in many business companies need to keep track of multiple data points on their inventory is sorted by 2D Barcode Scanner which helps them to improve their ability to manage inventory.

Increased efficiency in tracking assets and inventory means hours saved for your employees and company.
2D scanner helps to make your employees happy by making to work them a little less and the company increases efficiency and effective use of resources.

3. As Marketing Tool

In today’s world QR code are very popular somewhere on products or brands and usually the code will take users to an interesting website or provide them with a short viewing experience that enhances their engagement with the product or brand. QR codes can literally transport users into a deeper more powerful experience. 2D Barcode Scanner helps you to read these QR codes efficiently and make your experience perfect.