Best Way To Track Employee Attendance

Posted by July 17, 2018, 6:22 am

Best Way To Track Employee Attendance

The vital task which has to be performed by companies and human resource department is how to accurately track employee’s time and attendance for the functioning of business properly. Timely data for payroll processing and labor regulations are equally important. 

So somewhere manual tracking method has become boredom and laborious task for the organization. More reliable solution must be used to keep track of employee attendance by choosing the right solution for the business. 

Let’s check some points to Track employee attendance :-

Quash the paper work :-  Manual tracking system make the count inaccurate which make the the task more tedious. Getting basic payroll information on a weekly or monthly basis requires collecting paper from numerous department. Paperwork leads to inaugurate paychecks as manual tracking system leaves employers exposed to human errors. So instead organization should use biometric solution to capture and transmit time and attendance data accurately.

Cloud- Based Solution :- Business who are processing internal hardware also prove expensive to manage. Cloud computing attendance delivers productivity, friendly operating costs , instead of a capital expense which cloud delivers. New hardware or infrastructure are not necessary to run these solution. Cloud- based Biometric solution eliminates the need for maintenance. This data will be accessible all around the world.

Approval of attendance data:- System provides you attendance data approved on time and ensuring the accuracy of payroll on time. As in manual system if the company has multiple approval layers delays and errors raise compliance issues. Organization’s and employees both need faster processing and reporting of attendance data so that payroll can be generated early.
Biometric system
provide automated system, in which attendance information is entered immediately through which reporting and uploading of payroll is done. Task related to attendance gets much easier when paychecks are accurate and on time.  

Employees Self – Assessment :-  Employees feel free and find it their freedom when they can access their persona time & attendance details. This feature guarantees employees will like this automated biometric solution with minimal training to run system. This not only simplifies employees work but also helps HR to review and approve attendance information , which includes leave requests. This solution make workforce flexible for accessing personnel information. 

Data which can be shared with other applicant:- The reports generated and data verified are only valuable when you can share or print it to attach in file and seniors validation is an important factor. Check if your biometric solution can be saved in all formats of Microsoft and pdf. 

Avoid Costly compliance Errors:-Getting timely, accurate attendance information will require a centralized system. One that is easy to configure and shares data makes it easier for managers. They realize that knowing how to keep track of employee attendance is more than ticking off hours worked.  A solid time and attendance software solution will include this function to help employers avoid costly compliance errors.Essential to every business with employees is compliance with regulations. No matter the location, employers must follow requirements related to tracking employee time and attendance.Otherwise, employers could face hefty fines for noncompliance.

Check for the reporting system before buying:- Before using attendance tracking software get a demo of the system that will help to reduce the business struggle. Ask managers and employees to test drive before buying can eliminate this problem. Included in the selection should be a reporting system.Configuring reports gives managers a snapshot of labor needs and attendance patterns. Both are valuable pieces of information that go directly to the business’s bottom line. There, discrepancies are found so strategic staffing plans represent the true needs of the company.

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