Restaurant POS Solutions

Posted by June 16, 2018, 4:22 am

Restaurant POS Solutions

Restaurant POS Solutions

Restaurant point of sale systems is now Restaurant Point Of Service enables transactions and helps in functioning of operations which enhances the guest experience and streamline business operations.  

In Today's era, restaurant POS is no longer just about processing sales but it also provides a platform that sits at the heart of any food and beverage operation, large or small, helping to enhance the customer experience and streamline business operations.

Every restaurant POS system allows food and beverage operators to process orders and maintain financial control of their business, through cash management and integration with payment service providers.

An integrated restaurant POS system has following features:

Reporting and analytics

Inventory management

Labor management

Gift and loyalty

Loss prevention

Table reservations

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Importance of Restaurant POS System

Restaurant POS systems are essential to food and beverage operators who want to deliver a fantastic guest experience, keep control of their costs, and grow their revenues and overall profitability. 

POS Benefit:-

Provide guest experience

In restaurant every guest has high expectations of the service that you will provide him unique service and if it is not he won’t return to you again. The right ,restaurant POS will allow you to hone the perfect experience for your guests and keep your operation running smoothly to maximize satisfaction and repeat business. 

Centralized control of menus and promotions

To deliver a great guest experience across a number of restaurants, you need to keep menus, prices and promotions consistent. To keep costs to down you also need to minimize the amount of work that is needed to add new menu items or promotions. With a centralized cloud-based restaurant POS, you can set up menu items or change prices once and then roll those out to all of your stores. You should also be able to maintain localized pricing and menus where appropriate.

Kitchen systems to maximize food quality and accuracy

Integrate orders. Track kitchen performance. Execute all tasks and more in real time, keeping vital information flowing throughout restaurant operations. Intuitive, graphical displays, which can be mounted in kitchens or preparation areas, improve kitchen efficiency, enhance food quality, increase speed of service, and reduce errors.

Make money and save money

Your restaurant POS contains details of every transaction, which makes it the most important tool within your business. A good centralized Reporting and Analytics solution is essential in allowing you to get value from that data. Food waste, over-staffing, theft - these are all costs that can kill your business. By giving the right people access to the data, you can spot areas of loss and eliminate them.


Technology is redefining service in hospitality and mobility is a huge part of that evolution. From providing staff with mobile tablets to take orders and speed up service times, to accepting mobile orders direct from guests, to allowing your managers to access mobile reporting on smartphones, your restaurant POS must be mobile.

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