RFID File Tracking

Posted by July 12, 2018, 2:24 am

RFID File Tracking

RFID has became the most important tool around the globe to improve material flow management, manage assets and increase inventory accuracy. The thought which comes to our mind is how one can assure for RFID File Tracking. So answer is here. Let us understand it through a current issue which was faced by Ministry of Justice. 

According to Ministry of Justice’s in Kuwait City, when a court case is filed at the Kuwait Ministry of Justice’s in Justice Palace of Kuwait, court employees maintained the paperwork related to that case by signing into software and viewing document’s related to that case and location. The cases handled by the court are not merely one or hundred cases, the office handles thousands of new cases every month, each of which consist of a separate file filled with paperwork which is processed further by court for reviewing and then store in archives. 

The question which poke our mind is how much expense is paid by the ministry of justice to maintain these files?

The ministry employs approximately 200 carriers whose sole job is to bring files from one location or department to another and these carriers are paid with a smart salary which make the expenses of these file also so high.

In addition, some time other ministry person move files to other offices or leave the building with them. As files are on the move it is hardest job to find files when they are needed and in some cases a folder was found but its paper work was missing.

What’s more, a file can take six hours to several days to reach its destination, such as the desk of the attorney who requested it. Until that file arrives, the court had no information about who has it and where it is located. The staff had spent a lot of time simply searching for folders and in some cases their paperwork. According to the ministry’s operational departmental manager these slow process has led to delay legal proceedings inside the courts. 

These are some issues which are acting as a barrier for ministry of justice to achieve their set goals and making case’s prosecution or defense hard to understand.     

Ministry’s operational department manager explained the launch of RFID based system in court to gain a view into where files are located, including an alert being triggered if a file leaves the Justice Palace. An the result was tremendous due to which they are looking forward to extend the system to cover all court sites and to expand it in all legal department in the coming phases. 

The RFID which could help this legal department have hardware and software for the system with innovative solutions, installed technology. The ministry began working with RFID about one year ago, Says the Ministry head. The RFID – based asset –management system consisting of EPC GEN 2 passive ultrahigh frequency (UHF) RFID tags attached to such items as IT equipment, which was then tracked using a handheld reader.

Million of folders and paperwork are managed by ministry which required fixed readers to make it possible to automatically collect location information as the files were moved to key areas, to clerk’s desk or to lawyer’s desk or through doorways. The RFID is designed to track the movement of files until they go to court. 

This has made the task of court to simple, easy and managed. 

You can also make your work simpler and save your time by using RFID in your business. 

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