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PosGulf is engaged with Governments across the world to help build workforce in their countries and states by providing necessary skill sets to people, important to their field of work.



Instant. Thats the buzz in the new world of retail. Consumers don’t have to wait for anything today. It’s all right there for them to see and experience for themselves. They see no reason to wait or pay . . .



Healthcare centers and physician offices can use PosGulf products throughout their facilities to provide excellent patient care to streamline internal processes. Improve the health of your information . . .



The telecommunications industry is facing a state of flux due to rapidly evolving technologies, increase in demand, global diversity of its customer base, demand for new products and services . . .



Posgulf offers includes flexible, pre-packaged Banking solutions that help banks differentiate and drive profitability in a highly competitive market, and achieve their customer-centric . . .

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Personal ID & Acs. Control


Enhance security, streamline access control, improve customer service and increase productivity with advanced ID card printing solutions. Make checking in and out easier for customers . . .

Invoice Receipt


Streamline operations improve the accuracy of sales data and save costly hours of your customer service departments time with Pegasuss line of receipt printing solutions. 



Boost security and strengthen your organizations access control system with PosGulfs innovative line of advanced access card system solutions. Fulfill most access card system requirements  

Assets management


Reduce losses, increase productivity, and improve profits with PosGulfs accurate line of asset tracking products. Cost-effectively meet any asset management tracking need, regardless of your . . .

RFID Solution


PosGulfs RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain.